Your Eye Guide Sitemap


New Lazy Eye Research Unveiled

Myopia Gene Identified

New Post-Glaucoma Treatment Trialled

Eye Research Wins Prestigous Lasker Prize

Eye Banks Partner to Increase Transplant Tissue Availability

Brain Uses Eyes to Pattern Movements

New Ocular Uveitis Drug Approved

Retinal Cells Help Set Body Clock

Gene Essential For Retinal Development Identified

New Stem Cell Research Pioneered

New Dry Eye Treatment Trialled

Corneal Cross-linking Research Planned

Age Related Macular Degeneration Week Commences

New Diabetic Retinopathy Research Announced

Vision Perception Discovery

Antivirals Reduce Herpes Related Eye Problems

Dry Eye Treatment Trialled

New Retina Repairing Treatment Trialled

Eye Disease Stem Cell Funding Cut

Blind Runner Completes Marathon Challenge

Unsafe Contact Lens Solution Recalled

Contact Lenses Recalled Over Health Fears

Children with Squints Unpopular With Peers

Genotype Research Into Macular Degeneration Begins

New Eye Disease Genetic Research Tool Unveiled

New Eye Screening Technique Revealed

Acid Attack Victims Eyesight Saved

UK Eye Firm Joins Important US Eye Study

New Glaucoma Data Unveiled

Contact Lens Injuries Common in Children

New Cataract Treatment Trialled

New Vision Perception Research

New Eye Disease Drug Trialled

Experts Issue UV Eye Damage Warning

Visual Perception Changed By Depression

Retinitis Pigmentosa Breakthrough

Vitamin Deficiency Linked to Vision Loss

Retinitis Pigmentosa Research a Winner at Eye Care 'Oscars'

Specsavers Lifesaving Eye Exam

Experts Warn Against Fashion Lenses

Glaucoma Eye Drops Successfully Trialled

Going Gaga For Lenses

Millions Donated to Glaucoma Research

New Eye Cancer Radiation Protection

Blind Mice Can See Scientists Claim

Teen Eye Tests Could Miss Eye Problems

New Vision-Loss Protein Treatment

New Cornea Transplant Research

New Diabetic Eye Disease Research

Diabetic Macular Edema Treatment Development

New Online Eye Care Resource

Mini-Telescope Eye Implant Approved

New Treatment for Intraocular Pressure

Red Wine Ingredient Treats Eye Diseases

Iron Levels Linked to Eye Disease

Stem Cells Cure Eye Burns

Guide Dogs Attacked

Computer Game Saves Eyesight

New Laser Eye Treatment

Eye Care for Haiti

Healthy Diet Cuts Cataracts

Special Glasses Stop Headaches

Bad Eyesight Could Cause Learning Difficulties

New Vision Saving Glaucoma Surgery

New Disease Detecting Optical Imaging Technology Revealed

Cancer Drug Could Cure Eye Disease

Usher Syndrome Gene Study Results Revealed

Eye Test Diagnoses Multiple Sclerosis

Laser Pen Eye Burn

New Device Helps Blind People

New Drug Could Treat Macular Edema

Eye Test for Mad Cow Disease

Eye Cancer Spotted in Holiday Snaps

Anti-Depressants Linked to Cataracts

New Anti-Infection Eye Drugs Developed

Spina Bifida Research Could Help Treat Eye Defects

Retina Successfully Created From Stem Cells

Video Games for Blind Children

Glaucoma Tablets Trialled

Multifocal Glasses Reduce Accidents

New Anti-Cataract Laser Technology Unveiled

Eye Campaign Gains Celebrity Support

New Corneal Implants Designed

Treatment for Half Blind Stroke Victims

Eye Exam Could Detect Dementia

1052 Big Screen Could Unveil Bigger Eye Problem

622 New Eye Disease Drug Trialled

4006 Contact Lenses Best for Babies with Cataracts

403 Lens Implants Could Replace Laser Surgery

1048 New Technique to Detect Eye Diseases

708 Life Saving Eye Exam

1047 Exercise Linked to Eye Problems

509 New Research to Treat Glaucoma

1046 Caffeine Could Prevent Cataracts

1045 New Technology to Treat Battle Damaged Eyes

319 Macular Degeneration Risk Research

1044 Retinal Bypass To Treat Eye Disease

1043 Methadone Linked to Eye Problems

1042 Race Linked to Eye Disease Risk

1041 New Research into Eye Disease Progression

1040 Tool Detects Eye Disease Earlier

1039 Injections Improve Macular Edema Treatment

1038 Sight Not Linked to Smell

1037 Green Tea Could Boost Eye Health

1036 Children at Risk of UV Eye Damage

1035 Gene Therapy Could Cure Eye Disorder

621 New Research into Eye Disorders

1034 Focus On Eye Improving Foods

1033 Retinal Exam Diagnoses Shaken Baby Syndrome

318 Smoking linked to Macular Degeneration

1032 Smoking Linked to Eye Disorder

1031 New Treatment for Rare Eye Cancer

3005 Cross Eyes Could Lead to Nearsightedness

707 Eye Exams to Screen Children’s Eye Diseases

317 New Genes Linked to Macular Degeneration

905 Blocking Blue Lights Improves Cataract Recovery

1030 Eye Health Not Taken Seriously

1029 Visual Disturbances and Migraines Linked

1028 New Treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa

402 Lens Implant Could Improve Cataract Treatment

620 New Gene Therapy Could Cure Eye Disorders

4005 Contacts Exacerbate Seasonal Eye Allergies

1027 Sleep Disorder and Eye Problems Linked

4004 Vitamin E Aids Glaucoma Treatment

3004 New Technology To Control Child Myopia

619 Gene Therapy Could Cure Blindness

3003 Using the Internet could Damage your Eyesight

1026 Bionic Eye Prototype Unveiled

1025 Eye Implants Pioneered

1024 Gene Therapy Treatment for Stargardt Disease given the go-ahead

618 Inherited Blindness Gene Therapy Passes Next Stage

107 Controversial Comments Made on LASIK Eye Surgery

211 More Diabetic Retinopathy, Less Brain Power

1023 Stroke Risk in Shingles of the Eye

508 Brain Holds Insight to Glaucoma

617 Soldier Sees Again Using His Tongue

1022 Omega-3 Benefits in Baby Formula’s

1021 Eyes Cured in Twenty Minutes

1020 Sight Restored in Tester Mice

1019 Agility and the Position of Eyes

1018 Poor Vision in the Elderly Has Dementia Risks

615 £399 Home Tester Kit Causes Controversy

316 Vision Loss Test for Home

614 Clue to Treatments for Blindness in Chickens’ Eyesight

4003 Improve Eyesight with Regular Contact Lens Changes

507 Green Tea against Glaucoma

315 Quick DNA Test Could Diagnose Age-related Macular Degeneration

1017 Visual Limitation “Crowding” Actually Improves Vision

210 The War with Diabetic Retinopathy Isn’t Over Yet

613 Blindness Could Be Prevented With Discovery of New Gene

612 River Blindness Cure in Cattle Drug

209 Wales Sees Rise in Young Diabetic Retinopathy Cases

506 Prolonged Life from Glaucoma Drugs

3002 TV, Children and Myopia

611 Popular Spice Could Prevent Blindness

904 Computer Simulation for Cataract Surgery

4015 Cells in the Eye Can Protect or Kill

803 Dry Eye Risks Increased in Menopausal Women

610 Beatrix Potter for the Blind

1015 Affect of Carrots and TVs on Eyesight are Myths

505 Glaucoma Drug Spells End of Mascara

208 Freedom Meditech Provide Hope at Conference

4002 Protect your Eyes from Sun Damage with U-V Blocking Contact Lenses

314 Researchers Farm New Cells for the Eye

1014 Eyes could hold the key to diagnosing Manic Depression

609 RNIB Campaign Raises Awareness

1013 Scientist’s recent discovery could help those with pediatric eye cancer

6001 Forget your grandparents - bifocals are now for the kids

207 Drug Delivery for Diabetic Retinopathy at Diabetes conference in London

1012 The Mysterious Mind’s Eye

206 Newcastle fights back against Diabetic Retinopathy

1011 Artificial Muscles could Save Eyesight

504 Glaucoma Research Allowed to Expand with $2.5 million Grant

1010 3-D Avatar viewings help diagnose vision impairments

706 Who is fit to get behind the wheel?

1009 Eye test for Alzheimer’s

903 2010 Sees Launch of Groundbreaking New Cataract Lens

108 Preserving cornea graft transplants

608 Light intensifies migraine pain even in the blind

205 Bone Marrow Connected to Diabetic Retinopathy

1008 Graves Eye Disease could be linked to the same cell as Lung Disease

1007 See through Cleopatra’s eyes and ward off disease

313 Study begins for Radiation Therapy for Wet AMD

1006 African-American and Hispanic children tested for varied eye conditions

1005 Complex Uveitis Disease - Simple Treatments

1004 Novartis to buy the majority of shares in leading eye care company - Alcon

1003 Having a pet tarantula could be blinding

312 Eye Need to Quit Smoking

503 New Years Resolution – Protect Yourself against Glaucoma

705 Health Warning for New Year Champagne Poppers

311 A fishy solution to age-related macular degeneration

204 Colour changing contact lenses to aid diabetics

607 More Stem Cell Miracles promised

203 Diabetic retinopathy could be slowed with steroid injects in the eye

4001 Contact lenses for kids

606 Stem-cell treatment restores mans eyesight

802 Exotic treatment for dry eye sufferers

502 Glaucoma Awareness Month approaches

3001 Nearsightedness is on the increase

310 Could Marigolds hold the key to the cure for AMD

309 Discovery of new macula eye disease

605 Stem Cell research could benefit people with eye disease

1002 Mole eyesight could provide the answers to our own

704 A third of people behind the wheel could have poor eyesight

308 The truth behind aspirin and AMD

2001 New LAL – Light Adjustable Lens could improve eyesight

105 Laser Eye Surgery turns 21

307 Radiation therapy could restore eyesight

306 See clearly with clean blood

604 A ray of hope for anyone facing a lifetime without sight

1001 Go Green with your Vegetables & save your Eyesight

104 Good News for anyone who is considering Laser Eye Surgery

202 November is Diabetes Month

703 Time to eradicate rising eye care costs

603 Intel’s E-reader brings hope to millions of visually impaired people.

702 National Eye Week – know the importance of your eyes

305 AMD patients could see clear again with Cataract Surgery

303 Miracle Gene Therapy could cure Rare Blindness

701 $30 Million Eye Hospital

501 The New Face At Glaucoma Research Foundation

601 The End For Radio

601 Eye Care Saves Money In The Long Run

103 More people could be eligible for Lasik surgery

302 New Supplement May Prevent Age Related Macular Degeneration Associated Sight Loss

401 IOL’s in Cataract & Refractive Surgery

301 Leaps and bounds made in the detection of Macular Degeneration

902 Cataract Surgery And Flomax® - Current Recommendations

901 FDA Gives Clearance To New STAAR Surgical Tool

801 Old Age Linked To Dry Eyes In Men

201 Diabetics increased risk of Retinopathy with Surgery

102 Most people completely satisfied with Lasik Surgery

101 Ultralease announce Ultraelite: a new advancement in Laser correction

Medical Tourism

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Blepharitis Guide | Types | Risks & Symptoms | Treatment & Prevention

Blindness & Low Vision

Blindness & Low Vision Guide |

Articles - WHO explains how Eye Glasses could help the Global Economy | New Hospital Waiting Time Targets Mean Patients Could Be Going Blind


Cataract Guide

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What is Congenital Cataract?


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Changing Insurance Company







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Laser Eye Surgery Articles: Is Laser Eye Surgery right for you? - Change your life with refractive eye surgery - The Excimer Laser in Laser Eye Surgery - Eye Movement during Laser Eye Surgery - Are there different types of Laser Eye Surgery? - The History of Laser Eye Surgery - Laser Vision Correction Problems - LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Explained |New Ultralase Clinics Open | Presbyopia at Ultralase | Revolutionary femtosecond laser – Is This The New Standard In Eye Surgery?

Laser Thermokeratoplasty

Laser Thermokeratoplasty (LTK) Guide




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Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration Guide



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AMD articles - AMD & blindness | Macular Degeneration & Eating Red Meat | Diets rich in Oily Fish may help to protect our sight


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Laser Eye Surgery Clinics - Clinic List

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Dollond & Aitchison D&A) Opticians

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Chiswick

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) City of Westminster

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Ealing

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Hammersmith

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Kensington

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Knightsbridge

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) London

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) London Wall

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Nottinghill Gate

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Regent Street

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Strand

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Walworth

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Barnet

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Broadway

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Eastham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Edgware Road

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Enfield

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Goldersgreen

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Hackney

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Hampstead

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Holloway

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Kilburn

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Millhill

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Stratford

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Walthamstow

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Woodgreen

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Balham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Catford

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Clapham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Peckham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Putney

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Streatham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Surrey Quays

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Tooting

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Wandsworth

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Wimbledon

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Woolwich

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Accrington

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Alnwick

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Altrincham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Barnsley

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Berwick upon Tweed

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Blackburn

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Blackpool

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Bolton

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Bradford

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Bramhall

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Burnley

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Bury

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Carlisle

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Cheadle

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Chester

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Chorley

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Chorlton Cumhardy

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Colne

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Crewe

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Darlington

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Denton

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Dewsbury

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Doncaster

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Durham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Gateshead

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Halifax

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Harrogate

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Heeley

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Huddersfield

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Hull

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Hyde

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Keighley

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Knutsford

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Lancaster

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Leeds

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Liverpool

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Macclesfield

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Manchester

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Middlesbrough

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Morecam Beheysham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Morley

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Nantwich

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Nelson

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Newcastle upon Tyne

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Northallerton

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Northwich

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Oldham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Preston

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Rochdale

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Rotherham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Sale

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Sandbach

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Scarborough

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Selby

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Sheffield

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Shipley

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Skipton

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) St Annes on Sea

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) St Helens

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Stockport

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Stockton on Tees

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Stretford

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Sunderland

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Wakefield

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Warrington

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Wetherby

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Whitehaven

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Whitley Bay

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Wigan

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Wilmslow

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) York

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Acocks Green

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Banbury

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Beaumontleys

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Bedworth

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Birmingham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Bromsgrove

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Brownhills

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Burton on Trent

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Buxton

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Cannock

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Chase Terrace

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Chelmsley Wood

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Cheltenham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Chesterfield

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Cheylesmore

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Coalville

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Corby

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Coventry

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Derby

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Droitwich

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Dudley

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Edgbaston

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Evesham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Glossop

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Gloucester

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Halesowen

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Hanley

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Hednesford

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Henley on Thames

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Hereford

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Hinckley

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Kenilworth

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Kettering

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Kidderminster

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Kingsheath

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Kingsthorpe

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Leamington Spa

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Ledbury

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Leek

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Leicester

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Lichfield

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Longeaton

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Loughborough

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Mansfield

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Market Harborough

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Newcastle under Lyme

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Northampton

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Northfield

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Nottingham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Oxford

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Redditch

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Rugby

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Rugeley

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Sheldon

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Shirley

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Shrewsbury

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Solihull

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Stafford

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Stourbridge

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Stratford upon Avon

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Summertown

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Sutton Coldfield

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Tamworth

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Telford

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Wallingford

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Walsall

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Wellingborough

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) West Bromwich

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Wolverhampton

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Worcester

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Worksop

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Yardley

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Boston

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Buryst Edmunds

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Grantham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Grimsby

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Haverhill

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Horncastle

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Ipswich

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Kingslynn

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Lincoln

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Norwich

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Scunthorpe

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Skegness

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Spalding

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Sudbury

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Amersham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Ascot

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Ashford

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Aylesbury

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Banstead

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Barkingside

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Barnet

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Basildon

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Beaconsfield

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Beckenham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Bedford

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Bexleyheath

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Billericay

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Bishops Stortford

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Bletchley

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Boreham Wood

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Bracknell

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Brentwood

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Brighton

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Bromley

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Buckingham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Camberley

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Cambridge

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Canterbury

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Caterham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Chatham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Chelmsford

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Chesham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Colchester

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Cranleigh

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Crawley

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Croydon

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Dartford

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Deal

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Dorking

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Eastbourne

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Egham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Epping

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Epsom

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Folkestone

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Frimley

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Gerrards Cross

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Gillingham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Godalming

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Gravesend

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Greenford

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Guildford

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Harlow

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Haroldhill

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Harrow

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Hastings

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Hayes

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Hemel Hempstead

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) High Wycombe

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Horley

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Hornchurch

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Hounslow

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Hove

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Ilford

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Kingston Centre

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Kingston upon Thames

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Luton

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Maidenhead

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Maidstone

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Margate

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Marlow

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Milton Keynes

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Newbury

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Newmalden

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Newport Pagnell

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Orpington

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Peterborough

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Pettswood

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Pinner

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Pottersbar

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Princes Risborough

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Ramsgate

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Reading

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Redhill

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Reigate

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Richmond

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Rickmansworth

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Romford

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Ruislip

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Rustington

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Saffron Walden

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Southend on Sea

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Staines

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) St Albans

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Stanmore

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Stevenage

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Surbiton

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Surrey

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Sutton

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Teddington

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Thornton Heath

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Thurrock

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Tunbridge Wells

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Upminster

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Uxbridge

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Waltham Cross

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Walton on Thames

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Watford

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Welwyn Garden City

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Wembley

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) West Wickham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Weybridge

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Windsor

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Wisbech

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Woking

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Andover

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Avon

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Basingstoke

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Bath

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Bodmin

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Bournemouth

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Bridgwater

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Camborne

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Chard

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Chichester

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Christchurch

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Clevedon

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Eastleigh

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Exeter

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Fareham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Fleet

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Frome

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Honiton

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Horsham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Nailsea

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Newmilton

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Newton Abbot

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Patchway

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Penzance

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Plymouth

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Poole

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Portsmouth

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Romsey

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Salisbury

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Shepton Mallet

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Southampton

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) St Austell

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Street

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Swindon

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Taunton

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Truro

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) West Bury on Trym

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Weston Supermare

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Winchester

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Winton

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Worthing

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Yeovil

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Aberystwyth

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Bridgend

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Cwmbwrla

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Newport

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Port Talbot

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Rhyl

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Wrexham

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Aberdeen

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Airdrie

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Arbroath

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Bathgate

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Clydebank

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Corstorphine

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Cumbernauld

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Dumfries

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Dundee

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Dunfermline

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Eastkilbride

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Edinburgh

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Elgin

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Falkirk

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Fife

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Galashiels

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Glasgow

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Glenrothes

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Hamilton

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Hawick

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Inverness

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Irvine

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Kilmarnock

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Kirkcaldy

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Motherwell

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Newton Mearns

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Perth

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Stirling

Dollond Aitchison (D&A) Wishaw

Specsavers Opticians

Specsavers London

Specsavers Barkingside

Specsavers Barnet

Specsavers Beckenham

Specsavers Bethnalgreen

Specsavers Bexleyheath

Specsavers Bloomsbury

Specsavers Borehamwood

Specsavers Brixton

Specsavers Bromley

Specsavers Camdentown

Specsavers Catford

Specsavers Chingford

Specsavers Clapham

Specsavers Croydon

Specsavers Dagenham

Specsavers Dalstoncross

Specsavers Ealing

Specsavers Eastham

Specsavers Edgware

Specsavers Edmonton green

Specsavers Eltham

Specsavers Enfield

Specsavers Erith

Specsavers Feltham

Specsavers Greenford

Specsavers Hammersmith

Specsavers Harlesden

Specsavers Harrow

Specsavers Hayes

Specsavers Holborn

Specsavers Holloway

Specsavers Hornchurch

Specsavers Hounslow

Specsavers Liford

Specsavers Islington

Specsavers Kilburn

Specsavers Kingston upon Thames

Specsavers Lewisham

Specsavers London

Specsavers Loughton

Specsavers Morden

Specsavers Muswellhill

Specsavers Newmalden

Specsavers North Finchley

Specsavers Orpington

Specsavers Palmersgreen

Specsavers Peckham

Specsavers Penge

Specsavers Putney

Specsavers Richmond

Specsavers Romford

Specsavers Ruislip

Specsavers Shepherds Bush

Specsavers Sidcup

Specsavers South Harrow

Specsavers Stratford

Specsavers Streatham

Specsavers Surrey Quays

Specsavers Sutton

Specsavers Tooting

Specsavers Twickenham

Specsavers Uxbridge

Specsavers Victoria

Specsavers Wallington

Specsavers Walthamstow

Specsavers Wandsworth

Specsavers Wembley

Specsavers West Ealing

Specsavers West Wickham

Specsavers Wimbledon

Specsavers Woodgreen

Specsavers Woolwich

Specsavers Basildon

Specsavers Bedford

Specsavers Billericay

Specsavers Bishops Stortford

Specsavers Braintree

Specsavers Brentwood

Specsavers Bury St Edmunds

Specsavers Cambridge

Specsavers Chelmsford

Specsavers Chesham

Specsavers Clactononsea

Specsavers Colchester

Specsavers Diss

Specsavers Dunstable

Specsavers Eastdereham

Specsavers Ely

Specsavers Epping

Specsavers Fakenham

Specsavers Felixstowe

Specsavers Grays

Specsavers Harlow

Specsavers Hatfield

Specsavers Haverhill

Specsavers Hemel Hempstead

Specsavers Hertford

Specsavers Hitchin

Specsavers Hoddesdon

Specsavers Huntingdon

Specsavers Ipswich

Specsavers Kingslynn

Specsavers Leighton Buzzard

Specsavers Letchworth Garden City

Specsavers Lowestoft

Specsavers Luton

Specsavers Milton Keynes

Specsavers Newmarket

Specsavers Norfolk

Specsavers Norwich

Specsavers Peterborough

Specsavers Rayleigh

Specsavers Saffron Walden

Specsavers South End on Sea

Specsavers St Albans

Specsavers Stamford

Specsavers Stevenage

Specsavers St Neots

Specsavers Stowmarket

Specsavers Sudbury

Specsavers Thetford

Specsavers Tring

Specsavers Waltham Cross

Specsavers Watford

Specsavers Welwyn Garden City

Specsavers Wisbech

Specsavers Witham

Specsavers Ashford

Specsavers Bexhill

Specsavers Bognor Regis

Specsavers Brighton

Specsavers Burgess Hill

Specsavers Camberley

Specsavers Canterbury

Specsavers Caterham

Specsavers Chatham

Specsavers Chichester

Specsavers Crawley

Specsavers Dartford

Specsavers Deal

Specsavers Dorking

Specsavers Dover

Specsavers Eastbourne

Specsavers East Grinstead

Specsavers Epsom

Specsavers Folkestone

Specsavers Gillingham

Specsavers Gravesend

Specsavers Guildford

Specsavers Hastings

Specsavers Haywards Heath

Specsavers Horsham

Specsavers Hove

Specsavers Leatherhead

Specsavers Lewes

Specsavers Maidstone

Specsavers Margate

Specsavers Redhill

Specsavers Reigate

Specsavers Rustington

Specsavers Seaford

Specsavers Sevenoaks

Specsavers Sittingbourne

Specsavers Staines

Specsavers Tonbridge

Specsavers Tunbridge Wells

Specsavers Uckfield

Specsavers Walton on Thames

Specsavers Woking

Specsavers Worthing

Specsavers Abingdon

Specsavers Aldershot

Specsavers Andover

Specsavers Aylesbury

Specsavers Banbury

Specsavers Basingstoke

Specsavers Bicester

Specsavers Bracknell

Specsavers Cheltenham

Specsavers Cirencester

Specsavers Cosham

Specsavers Cowley

Specsavers Devizes

Specsavers Didcot

Specsavers Eastleigh

Specsavers Egham

Specsavers Fareham

Specsavers Farnborough

Specsavers Farnham

Specsavers Fleet

Specsavers Gloucester

Specsavers Gosport

Specsavers Havant

Specsavers High Wycombe

Specsavers Lower Earley

Specsavers Lymington

Specsavers Maidenhead

Specsavers Melksham

Specsavers Newbury

Specsavers Newport

Specsavers Oxford

Specsavers Portsmouth

Specsavers Reading

Specsavers Ryde

Specsavers Salisbury

Specsavers Shirley

Specsavers Slough

Specsavers Southampton

Specsavers Southsea

Specsavers Stroud

Specsavers Swindon

Specsavers Totton

Specsavers Trowbridge

Specsavers Warminster

Specsavers Waterlooville

Specsavers Winchester

Specsavers Witney

Specsavers Wokingham

Specsavers Woodley

Specsavers Alfreton

Specsavers Arnold

Specsavers Beeston

Specsavers Belper

Specsavers Boston

Specsavers Buxton

Specsavers Chesterfield

Specsavers Coalville

Specsavers Corby

Specsavers Daventry

Specsavers Derby

Specsavers Gainsborough

Specsavers Grantham

Specsavers Hinckley

Specsavers Hucknall

Specsavers Ilkeston

Specsavers Kettering

Specsavers Leicester

Specsavers Lincoln

Specsavers Longeaton

Specsavers Loughborough

Specsavers Louth

Specsavers Lutterworth

Specsavers Mansfield

Specsavers Market Harborough

Specsavers Melton Mowbray

Specsavers Newark

Specsavers Normanton

Specsavers Northampton

Specsavers Nottingham

Specsavers Retford

Specsavers Rugby

Specsavers Skegness

Specsavers Sleaford

Specsavers Spalding

Specsavers Sutton in Ashfield

Specsavers Wellingborough

Specsavers West Bridgford

Specsavers Wigston

Specsavers Worksop

Specsavers Bilston

Specsavers Birmingham

Specsavers Bridgnorth

Specsavers Bromsgrove

Specsavers Brownhills

Specsavers Burton on Trent

Specsavers Cannock

Specsavers Chelmsley Wood

Specsavers Coventry

Specsavers Droitwich

Specsavers Dudley

Specsavers Rrdington

Specsavers Evesham

Specsavers Halesowen

Specsavers Hanley

Specsavers Hereford

Specsavers Kenilworth

Specsavers Kidderminster

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Detached Retina

Eye / Ocular Cancer
Lebers Optic Neuropathy
Macular Degeneration
Retinitis Pigmentosa
Thyroid Eye Disease

Implantable Contact Lenses
Conductive Keratoplasty
Eye Transplants

Full list hospitals

Eye Health Charities


A List




Absence of Eye - Symptom






Acute Complications

Adverse Reaction

Age Macular Degeneration

Age Related Macular Degeneration

AK - Astigmatic Keratotomy


Allergic Conjunctivitis

All Laser LASIK


AMD - Age Macular Degeneration

Amethocaine Drops


Amsler Chart






Anterior Capsulotomy

Anterior Chamber

Anterior Uveitis


Aphakic Spectacles

Aqueous Humour

Arcuate Keratotomy


Artisan Lens

Asteroid Hyalosis

Astigmatic Keratotomy


Automated Lamellar Keratectomy



B List

Balance Prescription

Bandage Contact Lens

Basal Cell Nevus Syndrome

Batten Disease

Beam Size


Benoxinate HCL

Best Corrected Visual Acuity




Binocular Vision



Blended Vision



Blepharo Conjunctivitis


Blinking - Symptom

Blocked Tear Duct

Bloodshot Eye - Symptom

Blurred Vision - Symptom

Bowmans Membrane


Bulging Eye - Symptom

Bump on Eyelid - Symptom

Bump on Eye - Symptom

Burning - Symptom

Buttonhole Flap

List C




Cataract Surgery

Cavernous Sinus


Central Island

Central Retinal Artery

Central Retinal Vein





Choroidal Melanoma

Ciliary Body

Ciliary Muscles

Close Appearance of Objects - Symptom

CMV Retinitis



Colour Blindness

Colour Vision - Symptom

Computer Vision - Symptom

Concave Lens

Conductive Keratoplasty

Cone Cells

Congenital Nystagmus

Conical Cornea


Conjunctival Tumour


Consent Form

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon


Contact Lens

Contact Lens Disinfectant


Contrast Sensitivity


Convex Lens


Corneal Abrasion

Corneal Collagen Cross Linking

Corneal Dystrophy

Corneal Ectasia

Corneal Endothelium

Corneal Epitheliopathy

Corneal Epithelium

Corneal Erosion

Corneal Haze

Corneal Refractive Therapy

Corneal Thickness

Corneal Topographical Map

Corneal Ulcer

Cranial Nervepalsy

Crossed Eyes - Symptom


Crusty Eyelid - Symptom

Crystalline Lens

Custom Ablation


Cyclopegic Refraction



Cylinder Meridian


Cystoid Macular Oedema

List D




Day Blindness


Depth of Focus

Depth Perception - Symptom


Descemets Membrane

Detached Retina



Diabetic Retinopathy

Diffuse Lambeller Keratitis



Diplopia - Symptom


Dispensing Optician

Disposable Contact Lenses

Distorted Vision - Symptom

Dominant Eye

Double Image

Double Vision

Droopy Eyelid - Symptom


Dry Eyelid - Symptom

Dry Eye - Symptom

List E











Ephiphora - Symptom



Epithelial in Growth





Excimer Laser


Extended Wear Contact Lenses

External Ocular Muscles

Extracapsular Cataract Extraction


Eye Drops


Eyelid Surgery

Eyelash Loss - Symptom

Eyelid Cleft - Symptom

Eyelid Plastic Surgery

Eyelid Skin Cancer

Eyelid Turns In - Symptom

Eyelid Turns Out - Symptom

Eye Patch

Eyestrain - Symptom

Eye Tumour

List F



Femtosecond Laser





Fluctuating Vision - Symptom

Fluorescein Angiography

Fluorescein Staining

Fluoresecin Angiogram

Flying Spot


Focusing Power of the Eye

Foreign Body Sensation - Symptom

Forme Fruste INTACS

Forme Fruste Keratoconus




List G


Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

General Anaesthetic

Ghost Image




Graves Disease

Gritty Eye - Symptom

List H


Hard Contact Lenses

Haze - Symptom


Herpes Simplex of the Eye

Higher Order Aberration



Hyperopic Shift

List I

mplantable Contact Lens

Increased Intraocular Pressure

Informed Consent Form





Intracapsular Cataract Extraction



Intraocular Melanoma

Intraocular Pressure



Iris Defect - Symptom


Irregular Astigmatism

Itchy Eyes - Symptom

List J

List K






Kerato Conjunctivitis Sicca






List L

Lacrimal Glands


Lamellar Keratoplasty

Large Objects - Symptom



Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Keratome

Laser Vision Correction


Lasik Flap

Lazy Eye - Symptom


Lesions on the Eye

Lid Scrubs

Lid Therapy

Lightflashes - Symptom

Light Sensitivity

Limbal Relaxing Incisions


Lipid Layer

Long Sight

Loss of Best Corrected Visual Acuity

Lower Order Aberrations

Low Vision




List M



Macular Degeneration

Macular Hole

Macular Oedema



Manifest Refraction




Meibomian Cyst

Meibomian Glands


Meibomian Secretions


Mesopic Pupil Size


Metastatic Melanoma






Mild Short Sightedness

Minus Lens

Mixed Blepharitis

Mixed Astigmatism

Moderate Short Sightedness

Monocular Diplopia


Movement of the Eyelid - Symptom

Movement of the Eye Involuntary - Symptom

Movement of the Eye Limited - Symptom



Mucin Layer


Multi Focal Lens

Multiple Sclerosis

Multi Purpose Solution

Myasthenia Gravis


List N

Nail Patella Syndrome


Nasal Bone

Nasal Hinge



Near Point of Accommodation

Near Point of Convergence


Near Vision CK


Negative Lens





Night Blindness

Night Vision Defect

Night Vision Problem – Symptom


None Dominant Eye

None Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy

Nose Pads





List O

Obital Tumour


Ocular Hypertension

Ocular Migraine

Ocular Rosacea

Ocular Surface

Ocular Surface Disease



Open Angle Glaucoma

Ophthalmic Medical Practitioner

Ophthalmic Optician






Optical Zone

Optic Atrophy

Optic Cup

Optic Disk


Optic Nerve

Optic Neuritis

Optic Neuropathy


Orbital Pseudo Tumour

Orbital Trauma







Overflow Tearing


List P




Partially Sighted

Peripheral Vision



Phakic IOL





Photo Refractive Keratectomy

Phototherapeutic Keratectomy




Posterior Capsule Opacity



Prescription Drugs





Punctual Plugs




List Q

List R

Radial Keratotomy

Ready Readers


Refractive Errors

Refractive Power


Retinal Detachment

Retinitis Pigmentosa

List S

Schirmer Tear Test


Sjogrens Syndrome


Snellen Chart






List T





List U



List V


Visual Acuity

Vitreous Detachment

Vitreous Humour

List W


List X


List Y

List Z


Charities & Organisations

Calibre Library

Hong Kong Society for the Blind

Eyes for East Africa

Guide for the Blind Association

Macular Disease Society

Uveitus Information Group

Birdshot Uveitis Society

Thunder Screen Reader

Greater London Fund for the Blind

Torch Trust for the Blind

Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre



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