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Booking an Eye Test at your local Opticians

Routine eye tests are carried out by an optometrist, at an opticians.  An eye test is recommended at least every two years and some optometrists recommend yearly exams depending on your circumstances.  Eye tests typically take 20 - 30 minutes and the optometrist will examine your prescription and also examine your eyes for potential eye diseases.  Regular examinations are very important as some diseases can cause loss of sight if they are left untreated and many diseases can go unnoticed until it is too late to treat them effectively.  Therefore, it is important to have regular eye examinations even if you feel that your eyes are healthy and your vision is stable or good. 

Eye conditions and vision problems dealt with by an optometrist include:

Visit the Eye Test Guide to read more about opticians eye tests/eye exams or book a checkup using the find menu above.