Lens Implants (ICL) Guide

ICL - Implantable Contact Lens

Refractive Correction

  • Myopia - Nearsightedness or short sightedness. 
  • Hyperopia - Long sightedness or farsightedness. 
  • Astigmatism

Lens implants are manmade synthetic lenses, which can be added to the eyes natural lens to improve vision.  A lens implant is often made of collamer, which is a soft flexible material containing collagen.  This is known as an implantable contact lens or ICL.  PHAKIC contact lens implants or PHAKIC IOL, are intra-ocular contact lenses.  They are akin to a permanent contact lens and enhance the eyes natural lens instead of replacing it as in lens replacement surgery.  The lens is usually placed behind the iris, in front of your natural lens, instead of on the eye surface as in the case of regular contact lenses which people place them-selves.  Lens implant surgery is suitable in cases of moderate to severe short sight, long sight and astigmatism and offers permanent vision correction.  Many clinics use the STAAR ICL™.  This has been specifically designed for the correction of moderate to high nearsightedness or farsightedness.  It was first developed in the late 1980’s in Russia by Dr. S. Fyodorov and the first implant was placed in Europe in 1993.

Contact your local clinic to find out if lens implant surgery is suitable for you.

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