Myopia Guide

Also known as 'shortsighted' or 'near sightedness.'

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When light enters the eye through the cornea, the eye refracts or bends light rays and focuses them, creating an image on the retina.  Refractive eyesight problems are caused when the dome shape of the cornea is out of shape and bends light in the wrong way.  This prevents the image from correctly focusing on the retina and vision becomes unclear.  

Myopia is the refractive error, which occurs when the cornea is too steeply curved or the eye is longer than normal and therefore the eye does not bend light correctly and the focal point is too short ('Short Sighted'). If you are myopic, you will be able to see close objects, but distance objects will be blurred. An the animation above shows, glasses can help correct the focal length, so that your distance vision will be corrected.

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