Could Marigolds hold the key to the cure for AMD

Laser-eye surgery, medication, contact lenses – you name it, it’s been tried, tested and in most cases failed in the attempt to find a cure for age-related macular degeneration. However, one man, Mr. Marsland, who is himself a retired optician, believes he has found the answer in the natural plant of a marigold.

Mr. Marsland believed he was going to fall victim to the degenerative eye condition that affects millions people in the UK alone. The condition of age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in the UK and can lead to the sufferer going blind. The cells in the light-sensitive part of the eye begin to break down leaving the sufferer with lost central vision and fading colours. Having already lost sight in his right eye to wet AMD (a more serious case of the disease), when Mr. Marsland began to lose his sight in his left eye in early 2001, he nearly lost hope of ever seeing clearly again.

He spent years taking various supplements to try and ward off the disease but to no avail, which is when Mr. Marsland decided to try a supplement that contained extracts from the well-known marigold flower. A supplement that, one hastens to add, isn’t available on the NHS. Within months of taking this supplement, that cost him a mere £150 for a years supply, he regained his eyesight to nearly 95% of its original effectiveness. The 2mg daily supplement doesn’t just contain mesozeaxanthin from marigolds but lutein (contained in spinach) and zeaxanthin (the yellow pigment contained in corn). Together they create the supplement – Macushield.  

The seventy-three year old believes his miracle needs spreading to all other sufferers of AMD as a glimmer of hope for anyone who appears to be developing the disease. This natural supplement could spell the end to thousands of cases of AMD a year. Other eye consultants are issuing this story with a warning, and don’t want people to get too hopeful just yet. Mr. Marsland has been very lucky in his discovery but each individual’s case of the disease will vary and the supplement may not benefit everyone. However, 2mg a day could perhaps keep the AMD away or reduce the risks.

16th December 2009

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