Suitability for Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery in the UK

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A number of factors must be considered when assessing suitability for laser eye surgery.  It is not the best treatment choice for everyone and certain conditions must be met:

  • Age - You must be at least 21 years old.  Some clinics may treat younger patients, but the procedure is generally recommended for those over 21 years of age when the eye has stopped developing and prescription has stabilised.
  • Stable Vision - Most clinics recommend stable vision for a minimum of one year prior to surgery.  Refractive instability may be due to young age, fluctuating hormones due to disease such as diabetes, pregnancy, breast-feeding or certain medications.
  • Refractive Error - Your short or long sightedness must not be severe.  If your prescription is outside of a particular range, lens implants may be an alternative option to laser eye surgery.
  • Medical Conditions - You must not suffer from certain other medical conditions, which can affect the healing process.  These may include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, immunodeficiency, diabetes, SLE and connective tissue disorder.  Some medications can affect wound healing such as drugs used during chemotherapy and retinoic acid.  If you are on these drugs, you will not be able to have laser eye surgery. 
  • Sports - Participation in sports where blows to the face and eyes are common such as boxing may influence your suitability for laser eye surgery.
  • Eye Condition - You may not be suitable for laser eye surgery if you have suffered from eye injury, previous eye surgery or certain eye conditions or diseases such as blepharitis, herpes viral infection of the cornea, thin cornea, lazy eye, dry eyes, blindness etc.
  • Psychological Disorders - You may be unsuitable if you suffer from certain psychological disorders such as depression.
  • Pregnancy - Laser eye is surgery is not available if you are pregnant.
  • Career - There are some careers where laser eye surgery is not allowed.  Restrictions relating to the police and the armed forces is constantly under review and you should seek advice before accepting the treatment.

It is important to remember that after undergoing laser eye surgery, you may still require glasses or contact lenses from your mid-forties onwards due to presbyopia. 

If you are not suitable for laser eye surgery other treatments are becoming increasingly popular such as lens implants and lens replacement surgeries.

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