Aftercare following Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery in the UK

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People usually return to work within a week following laser eye surgery.  This varies between the different types of laser eye surgery, some with faster recovery periods than others.  Following LASIK surgery, people can return to work within days.  Ask your surgeon when they advise that you should resume normal routine.

Read the laser surgery comparison page, to find out how soon you can return to normal activity, after the different laser eye surgery procedures.

  • Driving - Driving is not possible immediately after surgery and it is recommended that you make arrangements for somebody to drive you home.  It is recommended that you refrain from driving generally for one week following laser eye surgery.
  • Sunglasses/Hat - Immediately following surgery, it is advisable to wear a hat or sunglasses, as eyes may be sensitive to light.  For the first few days following laser procedure, it is sensible to wear sunglasses or a hat throughout the day to prevent anything getting in the eye.
  • 24 Hour Help - It is advisable for help and guidance to be sought, from friends or family, for 24 hours following surgery, as your eyes should be rested.
  • Antibiotic Drops - To prevent infection, antibiotic eye drops may be prescribed.  Any prescribed medication must be taken.
  • Eye Pads - Eye pads are often worn for 24 hours following surgery.  These will protect the eyes from dust and contact.
  • Soap/Shampoo/Water - Chemicals and water should be kept away from the eyes for the first few days.  Baths are therefore recommended over showers.  It may be an idea not to wash your hair for a couple of days, just to be extra safe. 
  • Screwing, Touching & Rubbing Eyes - Strictly avoid touching the eye while it is healing even if it is painfil. To find out about pain & discomfort following laser eye surgery, click here.
  • Eye Makeup/Creams  - Eye makeup such as eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner or creams, should be avoided for at least the first few days following surgery and ideally for the first two weeks.
  • Sports - Contact sports, swimming or dangerous games should be avoided for a month following laser eye surgery.  If you have a particular hobby, which you want to resume, speak to your eye surgeon as to when it is safe to go back to the hobby. 
  • Environment - Avoid smoky rooms, rooms with chemical vapours and excessively dusty environments.
  • Hair/Fibres - Avoid getting hair in the eye from hair removal and hairdresser appointments.  Similarly, avoid clothes with fine fibres such as mohair.

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