INTACS - Intra-corneal rings

Refractive Correction

Myopia - Low levels of nearsightedness

Slight nearsightedness can be corrected by placing intracorneal rings (INTACS or ICR’s) in the cornea of the eye.  These are small round plastic rings, which are designed to be placed on the cornea to improve its shape.  One advantage of these plastic inserts over laser eye surgery is that intracorneal rings can be removed and then the cornea returns to its preoperative shape.  The plastic INTAC rings do not disturb the central visual axis of the cornea, unlike other procedures for correcting refractive conditions, such as laser eye surgery which makes a permanent alteration to the eye by lasering away corneal tissue or by cutting a flap on the surface of the eye.  Although INTACS are removable, they are designed to be placed permanently in the eye.

What are INTACS?

INTACS are similar to the outer edge of a normal contact lens.  They are made of a special plastic that is used in contact lenses and in intraocular lenses used to treat patients with cataracts.  INTACS can be cut into a different thickness, determined by the amount of flattening of the cornea, required.  Once placed in the periphery of the cornea, they cannot be seen nor felt.  INTACS reshape the curvature of the cornea from within and enhance the natural shape of the eye.  This provides a solution to correct nearsightedness, which is caused by the curve of the cornea being too steep and therefore light rays entering the eye being too bent and therefore focusing in front of the retina and not on it. 

Contact your local clinic to find out if INTACS are suitable for you.

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