Eye Glasses Guide

Glasses or spectacles may be prescribed by your optometrist if you are short sightedness and/or longsighted.  In this guide, you will find a whole host of information about eye glasses.  From advice on finding a frame to suit your face, lifestyle and personality, to how you should care and clean your glasses.  You can also read about the many different types of lenses now available, from photochromic lenses which change colour from exposure to sunlight, to anti-reflection coated lenses.

Buying Glasses

A huge range of quality frames can now be purchased online, as well as from opticians and catalogues.  Glasses have become a fashion statement and can enhance your appearance as well as improve your vision.  Some opticians use computer technology to show you which frames suit you best.  Similar programs can be found online.  Finding a frame that suits your skin tone, hair colour, face shape and personality are key factors when deciding on which frame to buy.  The right frame can highlight your best features and boost your confidence. 

Many people would prefer not to wear spectacles or reduce dependency on them, and opt for laser eye surgery, as a long-term investment to their eyesight.  Visit the Laser Eye Surgery Guide to find detailed information on this procedure.

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