Zinc & Eye Health

Foods high in Zinc

Beef, pork, lamb, oysters, eggs, shellfish, milk, peanuts, whole grains and wheat germ all have high levels of zinc.  Eyes contain more zinc than any other part of the body.  Zinc is essential for converting beta-carotene into vitamin A and helps release vitamin A from the liver for use by the eyes. 

Macular Degeneration & Zinc

Research has suggested that a deficiency in zinc may cause macular degeneration, which is a serious condition, affecting a large portion of the population and a leading cause of blindness.  It is thought that the macula of the eye deteriorates with low levels of zinc.

Although zinc is vital to our health, high doses may have a negative effect such as reduced immune function.  If you are considering taking zinc supplements, seek advice from an eye care professional.

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