The Importance of Eye Nutrition

Eyesight can change with age, diabetes, other medical conditions and also with a lack of nutrients in your diet.  Nutritional support for your eyes can improve vision, relieve symptoms and help protect the level of eyesight that you have and hold back the progression and development of particular eye conditions and diseases. 

Although it is possible to obtain all the vitamins and minerals that we need from certain foods, it is very difficult to achieve the right balance, and have a healthy nutritional diet.  This has become more difficult with the predominance of the fast food industry and therefore eye supplements may be a solution.  If you are considering taking particularly high levels of certain supplements, it is advisable to speak with an eye care professional, who will be able to guide you and advice you on what you should take and at what level.

A number of minerals and vitamins have been recognised as being particularly beneficial to eyes.  These are:

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