Symptoms of Dry Eye

Both eyes can be affected and symptoms vary between individuals but can include:

  • Uncomfortable Eyes - Eyes may sting, burn, feel irritated, feel tired or become itchy.
  • Tearing - Eyes may tear excessively and instead of lubricating the eye with the right combination of water, mucus and oil, too many tears can be produced, particularly when reading, driving, or when watching television for a long period of time.
  • Foreign Object Sensation - It may feel like there is something in the eye.
  • Mucus - Eyes may produce a string like mucus
  • Contact Lenses - These may become difficult to wear.
  • Environment - There may be sensitivity to smoke, wind and light.
  • Blurred Vision - Particularly when concentrating on a nearby object for an extended period of time.

Dry eye is not usually a serious condition, but may lead to inflammation, infection and scarring of the cornea if it becomes severe and is left untreated.

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