Articles about Dry Eye

New Dry Eye Treatment Trialled

A new treatment that could relive the symptoms of dry eye syndrome is in the advanced stages of clinical trials. The eye disease occurs when there is a lack of tears and moisture to lubricate the eye, causing the eyes to become dry and irritated.

18th September 2010

Dry Eye Treatment Trialled

A new treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome is undergoing advanced clinical trials and could be used to ease intraocular eye pressure in patients with moderate to severe symptoms, according to manufacturer Can-Fite BioPharma.

8th September 2010

Dry Eye Risks Increased in Menopausal Women

As people grow older they are warned of many different signs and symptoms to look out for; and it’s not hard to see why they sometimes close their ears to advice from various health experts.

2nd February 2010

Exotic treatment for dry eye sufferers

With one in three of us suffering from dry-eyes at some point during our lives, a natural remedy could be just what we need, and this is what experts believe they may have found.

22nd December 2009

Old Age Linked To Dry Eyes In Men

Around 5 % of Males over the age of 50 are likely to develop a condition known as dry eye disease.

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