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Contact lens cases

VDU screeners

Artificial eye solutions

Artificial eyes

Binocular cases

Binocular repairs


Opera glasses

Computer software & hardware

Computerised dispensing systems

Consumables Drugs

Eye solutions

Carrier bags


Overalls & protective clothing

Packaging Nameplates


Contact lens fitting equipment

Contact lens fitting services

Contact lens manufacturing consumables

Contact lens manufacturing equipment

Contact lens materials

Contact lens modifying equipment

Contact lens UV lamps

UV lamp for contact lenses

Contact lens solutions

Aspherical Contact lenses

Bifocal Contact lenses

Cosmetic Contact lenses

Daily and disposable Contact lenses

Gas permeable Contact lenses

Hard Contact lenses

Rigid gas permeable Contact lenses

Silicone hydrogels Contact lenses

Soft Contact lenses

Therapeutic Contact lenses

Toric Display & storage Cabinets

Photochromic testers

Image capture systems

Microscopes Mirrors

Dispensing equipment & tools

Eyewear Glazing Eyewear

Safety Eyewear

Sports Monocles and lorgnettes

Reading glasses

Specialised glazing

Rimless spectacles

Eyewear equipment

Spectacle cases

Spectacle cords & chains

Frame equipment & services

Frame components

Frame Repair and maintenance equipment

Frame manufacturing consumables

Antique Frames

Children's Frames

Handmade Frames

Hearing aid Frames

Hypo allergenic coating Frames

Prescription safety Frames

Prescription sports Frames

Spectacle Frames

Titanium Frames

Tortoise shell Instruments

Retinal eye cameras

Strain Testers

Lens anti reflection coatings

Lens cleaning cloths

Lens cleaning machinery

Lens cleaning solutions

Lens coating equipment & consumables

Lens coating services

Lens edging consumables

Lens edging machinery

Lens surfacers

Lens surfacing consumables

Lens surfacing machinery

Lens tinting equipment & consumables

Lens tinting services

Lens toughening services

Microfibre lens cloths

Blanks Lenses

Coated Lenses

Finished glass Lenses

Finished plastic Lenses

Finished polycarbonate Lenses

High index aspheric Lenses

Hypo allergenic coatings Lenses

Plano Lenses

Semi finished Lenses

Specialised Lenses

UV inhibiting Lenses

Variable tint Lenses

Low vision aids

Magnifiers Magnifiers

Electronic Magnifiers

Hand Magnifiers