Fashion / Colour Contact Lenses

Coloured or 'fashionale' contact lenses allow you to change your eye colour as you wish. They are often worn by people who dislike their natural eye colour, want to enhance their natural colour or people who just want a change. Colour lenses are a big business and a wide range of colours and styles are now available.

Vision with Fashion/Colour Contact Lenses

Whether you have vision impairment or not, lenses can be worn as fashion accessories. They are available in ‘Plano’ form, making them suitable and safe for people who do not have any sight problems. This means they have no power and do not magnify things like regular contact lenses and are worn purely for appearance. However, also on offer are specially designed lenses for people who require bifocal lenses or who suffer from astigmatism. They are also an option for those who use replacement or disposable contact lenses.

Types of Fashion/Colour Contact Lens

The two generic types of fashion/coloured contact lens available are opaque and tinted. Opaque lenses are used by those who want to change their colour completely. They do not allow the eye to admit as much light and completely cover the surface of the eye. Tinted lenses are best suited to people whom just want to strengthen the colour of their eyes. They allow some of the natural colour of your eye to show, but at the same time enhancing it.

The idea of the contact lens was first conceived by the artist and inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci in 1540. Soft lenses have been available for around 18 years and modern advancements in technology mean that today, we are able to create a comfortable contact lens that looks so natural, it will be almost impossible to identify your original colour.

Eye Changer Contact Lenses

Eye changer contact lenses are lenses that completely altar or enhance the colour of your eyes. Despite being a cosmetic lens, they are surprisingly comfortable and can be worn on a daily basis. The lenses have been specially designed to look and feel natural. Eye changers are the most effective means of altering your eye colour. It is impossible to change our iris colour, so an aesthetic lens is the only effective method of doing so.

Eye changers can change the colour of your eyes completely, no matter how dramatic the change (a brown eye can be changed to a blue eye, for example). They work by blending the colour of the lens with your natural iris colour to create an authentic look, if you want to enhance your image or try a new colour altogether.

Eye Catcher Contact Lenses

Eye catcher lenses are a range of unusual, novelty and special effect colour contact lenses for occasions such as Halloween or fancy dress parties. Originally, they were developed for the movie industry, but have more recently become a big business and are available to the general public. Film makeup artists regard eye catcher lenses as a great commodity, since they can be used to create an evil look for a character, with demonic red eyes for example, or complete a look in a monster movie. They are designed with the intent to make your eyes stand out or to complete a costume, or to simply make you look different (Marilyn Manson uses eye catcher lenses for his trademark look, for example)

Both eye changer and catcher lenses have been specially developed by professionals to ensure they are of the highest standard to maintain a quality looking and comfortable contact lens.

Specific Types of Fashion/Colour Contact Lens

Although colour or fashion contact lenses can be grouped into generic categories, there are some specific types of lenses available. Firstly, ‘Freshlook Colourblends’ are a type of lens, which can enhance the colour of a dark eye or completely change the colour of a lighter one. They work essentially by combining three different iris pattern combinations to create a whole new effect. Another equally good example of a lens which can be used to enhance your own original eye colour, but not change it completely, are the Acuvue Colour enhancers. If you are looking for a dramatic change of colour however, you should turn your attention to colours available in ‘Soflens Natural Colours‘, ‘Frequency Colours’ and ‘Freshlook Colours’.

More recently, ‘Freshlook dimensions’ have been developed, which aid in the enhancement of colour for lighter eyes. Additionally, Freshlook Radiance have been developed, which contribute to a pearlescent look, giving your eyes a sparkle and gloss, regardless of your shade.

Colour Availability

Coloured contact lenses are now available in a wide variety of different shades and tones. The majority of today’s standard contact lenses come with a blue or green visibility tint. This is primarily to help you to find the lens in case you should drop it, and to help you put it in. Since the colour is so pale, it is completely unnoticeable to the person wearing it and does not affect your colour perceptions. The people who make the coloured contact lenses have strived to keep the iris’s natural pattern, to make them seem more natural and realistic. This is achieved by colouring them with intricate dots. The colour and the effect the lens has upon your eyes is subject to the intensity and frequency of these dots.

Lenses are most effective on people who use them to enhance their eye colour, than people who want to change their eye colour altogether, from say a brown to a blue.

The market for coloured lenses has grown enormously recently. This is principally due to people wanting to try something new, or complete a new look with a new eye colour. The novelty lenses have also proved popular, especially since they were used prolifically in film and television over the years.

Disadvantages of Fashion/Coloured Contact Lenses

By now you’ve seen all the benefits colour lenses can have. You can use them regardless of your visual health, and they can be used to contribute to a new or enhanced look that can boost your confidence. However, there are some disadvantages to note that you must be aware of. Firstly, although colour contact lenses are usually fitted by professional opticians, they may sometimes slip out of position and reveal some of your original eye colour. This is especially problematic to those who have changed colours completely, from blue to brown for example. Your vision may also be slightly affected from time to time. As your pupil expands to let more light in, the clear hole in the lens may not be big enough and the colour may become visible to you. This will be the case particularly in dark areas or at nighttime when your pupil will be at it’s widest.

Furthermore, when buying contact lenses, it is important you know exactly which colour you are getting. When buying contact lenses on the Internet, it is not always completely possible to distinguish the colour. The contrast or colour levels vary on computer screens and so the only way to be certain is to see the lenses in real life. Buying online also makes it difficult for you to tell what effect they will have on your eyes. You should opt for a trail from your optician to see which colours suit you best before you buy. Replacement lenses are commonly bought online.

It is imperative that you do not share contact lenses with others. Bacteria may be transferred in the process and severe eye infections could be contracted. If the lenses are not going to be worn on a daily basis, it is advised that you store them in a suitable contact lens solution. To ensure that the solutions disinfecting qualities are maintained, you should change it around two to three times a week or as recommend on the packaging. If you do not constantly refresh contact lens solution, your lenses will be unsuitable to wear. Coloured contact lenses should not be worn if they have become heavy or covered in bacteria. If left long enough, your lenses could also become mouldy. You will often have to purchase coloured contact lens solution and the case separately. These are available from places such as chemists, opticians and supermarkets.

Prices of Fashion/Coloured Contact Lenses

Prices of fashion/coloured contact lenses vary. For the basic lenses, you should be looking at around a £10 price range, but be prepared to spend a few pounds extra on special or novelty lenses. Specialised lenses are also available which cover the whole of the eye, but these are very expensive, often costing hundreds of pounds and require a very delicate procedure to fit. You can buy the lenses online or in specialist shops and opticians, however, many places will require you to be over 16 years old. Full instructions of storage and how to use the lenses should be provided, on purchase.

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