Thunder Screen Reader

You might think that if your sight gets very bad, you won't be able to enjoy using a computer. You might also think that you will need lots of money to buy specialist software to make that possible.

Take a minute to visit and you will find that you can download some free software called 'Thunder.' It makes everything speak to you as you press keys so it does not matter if you can't see the detailed words on the screen. You will also be able to magnify any website you wish to go to. And it is all free although donations are accepted from happy users and supporters.

So be encouraged. I am writing this piece by listening as I press keys. I can correct my mistakes, send and receive my emails, enjoy the web, download music and listen Again BBC radio - even catch up on the Archers if I miss an episode. I can blog and try my hand at Facebook too and so can over 100,000 of our worldwide users.

The philosophy of the social enterprise, CIC is: make it free and everyone is included. And there are millions of very poor people with little or no sight in the world.

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