Calibre Audio Library

Calibre Audio Library provides a postal lending library of audio books to visually impaired people throughout the UK.

There is a vast array of books.  From bestsellers, to classic fiction books, as well as detective stories, romantic novels, and popular non-fiction books such as biographies and travel. With over 8,000 titles in the library, Calibre’s members never run out of new books to read. There is also a Young Calibre collection for under-16s. All books are recorded unabridged.  What makes the library even better, is that you don’t have to pay a subscription, you wont get fined, you don’t even have to pay for the books to be posted out to you.  If the books become damaged or lost, you need not worry because there are no fines.

Calibre library is easy to use. You can choose books yourself, or a staff member can help to do this based on what sort of books you like. Books are available in two formats either on MP3 format CDs or on cassette tapes.  The quality of sound is much better on the disks than the cassettes.  Most of the books fit onto just one disk.

In recent years Calibre has been able to extend the service to people with dyslexia or a physical disability, which means that they are unable to hold a book for any length of time or turn the page. These members are however only offered the service on MP3 format CD.

Recent Additions to Calibre Library

More than 400 books are added to the library each year and this is a selection of some of the latest titles.

Contemporary Fiction

Bergerac and the Fatal Weakness by Andrew Saville (reader John Nettles). A book with plenty of villains, plenty of crime and plenty of Jersey Jim. Another three Bergerac books have also been added all read by John Nettles.

Family Stories

The September Girls by Maureen Lee (reader Nerys Hughes).  This is a story of Cara and Sybil whose lives are inter-twined from the moment they are born one September in the same house but classes apart.

General Fiction

Over by Margaret Foster (reader Valerie Dodd).  When eighteen-year-old Miranda dies in a sailing accident her mother and siblings gradually come to terms with her death but her father is determined to bring someone to account. Gradually his reactions to the tragedy start to tear the family apart.

Non-Fiction Biographies

Spilling the Beans by Clarrisa Dickson Wright (reader Judy Franklin).  Clarissa didn’t mind hard work and decided to become a barrister to spite her father who was violent and abusive. Now a celebrity cook she details how her newfound skills helped her survive the loss of her mother.

Science Environmental

Antarctica by Jonathan & Angela Scott (reader Sarah Sherborne). The Scotts reveal man’s impact on this magnificent continent through detailed observation.

Charity Details

For enquires or application forms to join the library, telephone or email the library and full details of all Calibre services are on the website.  Calibre Audio Library, established in 1974, is a registered charity and relies on donations to be able to provide the free service to 19,000 members across the UK.

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