Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) Guide

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Lazy eye is medically termed "Amblyopia."  It is a vision problem caused when vision in one eye fails to develop properly in childhood.  If it is detected under the age of 7 years, it can often be effectively treated.  If it is not treated at a young age it is usually permanent.  The treatment in children involves blocking the vision of the good eye so that the lazy eye has to work harder. 

The animation shows that when we are born our brain begins to receive images from our eyes. Initially, the child's vision is not very clear but over the first few months and years of life, this gradually improves. If a small child has a squint the affected eye will distort the vision. The brain will then start to disregard the messages from the affected eye. By forcing the affected eye to work harder the images are received by the brain and the condition corrected.

In this guide, you can find lots of useful information about lazy eye. If you are concerned about this condition, you should seek advice from your local optician.

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